Preceptor Initiative Advisory Group

In May 2014, the MMA Primary Care Physician Workforce Expansion Advisory Task Force made a recommendation to increase the number of available clinical training sites in Minnesota, and examine ways to remove barriers that exist in allowing medical students to have more meaningful experiences.  To begin this endeavor, MMA staff conducted interviews with health system leadership across the state to examine Minnesota’s clinical training sites more closely and assess how we can ensure that the capacity meets the current need.  Through this work, a variety of themes became apparent - with the need for additional clinical preceptors and more training for clinical preceptors rising to the top.

In 2015, the MMA and the University of Minnesota Medical School began a partnership known as the Preceptor Initiative.  As part of these efforts, the MMA has convened a Preceptor Initiative Advisory Group, consisting of representatives from health systems across the state.  

The goal of the MMA Preceptor Initiative is as follows:
  • Develop tools and resources to improve the training and support for clinical preceptors. 


  • Anne Pereira, MD, MPH, Co-Chair
  • Jeremy Springer, MD, Co-Chair


Resources for Preceptors

Coming soon.