Minnesota Action to Reduce Costs in Healthcare (MARCH) Steering Committee


The MARCH Steering Committee developed recommendations for MMA policy/action to address the following factors associated with high health care costs and affordability:
  1. administrative inefficiencies, waste, and burden;
  2. prescription drug spending;
  3. unnecessary care and overuse;
  4. other key drivers of health care costs as identified by the Steering Committee.


Macaran Baird, MD, Chair
Katherine Clinch, MD
David Herman, MD
Kenneth Holmen, MD
Dania Spies Kamp, MD
Kourtney Kemp, MD
Thomas Kottke, MD
Lisa Mattson, MD
Robert Nesse, MD
George Schoephoerster, MD
Kevin Smith, MD
T. Michael Tedford, MD
Laamy Nassara Tiadjeri, MD
Robert Wieland, MD
Douglas Wood, MD
James Woodburn, MD
Janet Silversmith, Staff