Equity in Access & Quality

Created under a revised charter of the Medical Practice & Quality Committee in April of 2021


To understand and influence issues that impact access to, and delivery of, high-quality care, including consideration of how healthcare financing, payment, and delivery models contribute to inequities in treatment and outcomes. 


  • Investigate factors influencing or limiting patient access to care, including geographic, economic, and cultural.
  • Identify and promote public and private sector financing, payment, and coverage policies that support safe, high-quality, equitable care and outcomes.
  • Examine and address the role of racist practices, policies, and structures in undermining access to and delivery of high-quality care.
  • Promote valid and reliable quality measurement, public reporting, and transparency that is actionable, relevant, and improves health.
  • Understand and monitor relevant legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Communicate relevant issues to the Board of Trustees and MMA membership.

Upcoming Meetings


(includes minutes from former Health Care Access, Financing & Delivery Committee and Quality Committee)


  • Kevin Donnelly, MD (Chair)                                                                                          
  • Margaret Kersey-Isaacson, MD  
  • Thoyaja Koritala, MBBS                  
  • Gururaj Kolar, MD                            
  • Christopher Reif, MD
  • Owen Vincent, DO           
  • William Minteer, MD (Resident Fellow Section)
  • Caleb Scheckel, DO (Resident Fellow Section, Alternate)                 
  • Sarah Alabsi (Medical Student Section)
  • Amrit Vasdev (Medical Student Section, Alternate)