Medical Practice & Quality

(created effective 2017 by merger of Health Care Access, Financing & Delivery Committee and Quality Committee) 


To understand and influence the socioeconomic, structural, and care delivery changes that affect the practice of medicine in Minnesota and to position the MMA as an influential organization in the areas of quality improvement and patient safety


  • Investigate social and economic factors influencing the practice of medicine.
  • Identify and address public and private sector payment and coverage policies that may change or limit access to high quality health care.
  • Examine the implications of changes in scopes of practice on access to high quality health care.
  • Influence physician culture (norms, attitudes and beliefs) to one that supports the advancement of team care, individualized and population health, measurement and public reporting, use of data, and the robust use of health information technology.
  • Serve as a physician voice for measurement and use of data by ensuring measurement, public reporting, and transparency efforts are implemented fairly.
  • Understand and monitor relevant legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Identify opportunities to integrate information about practice and quality into activities that support physician professionalism and continuing medical education.
  • Communicate relevant issues to the Board of Trustees and MMA membership.

Upcoming Meetings

  • September 8, 2020
  • November 19, 2020


(includes minutes from former Health Care Access, Financing & Delivery Committee and Quality Committee)


  • Kevin Donnelly, MD (Chair)
  • Christy Boraas Alsleben, MD, MPH
  • Charles Crutchfield, MD
  • Siri Fiebiger, MD, MPH
  • Meg Kersey-Isaacson, MD
  • Gururaj Kolar, MD
  • Christopher Meserve, MD (alternate - resident fellow section)
  • David Power, MD
  • Lora Princ, MD
  • Maarya Pasha, MD (resident fellow section)
  • Owen Vincent, DO