Medical Practice & Quality


To position the MMA as an influential organization in the areas of quality improvement, patient safety, and health information technology (HIT) and to promote a culture of quality improvement among Minnesota physicians.


  • Identify and disseminate tools and resources that help Minnesota physicians change care processes and redesign the way they practice to improve patient outcomes.
  • Influence physician culture (norms, attitudes and beliefs) to one that supports the advancement of team care, individualized and population health, measurement and public reporting, use of data, and the robust use of health information technology.
  • Identify opportunities to integrate information about quality into activities that support physician professionalism and continuing medical education.
  • Serve as a physician voice for measurement and use of data by:
    • Advocating for physicians in quality and safety efforts
    • Ensuring measurement, public reporting, and transparency efforts are implemented fairly and
    • Serving as a conduit to health plans, purchasers, quality improvement organizations, and other stakeholders.
  • Understand and monitor legislative and regulatory issues relevant to quality improvement, patient safety, and HIT.
  • Develop and recommend MMA policies that advance relevant quality, patient safety, and HIT activities. Communicate relevant issues to the Board of Trustees and MMA membership.

Upcoming Meetings

  • TBD



  • Thomas Kottke, MD, Chair
  • Rodney Christiansen, MD
  • Laura France, MD
  • Julie Gerndt, MD
  • Andrea Hillerud, MD
  • Rishi Kumar, MD, Resident Fellow representative
  • Amrit Singh, MD
  • Seanna Thompson, MD
  • Katelyn Madigan, Medical Student representative
  • Mike Fort, Medical Student alternate
  • Andrew Zinkel, MD
  • Andrea Stoesz - Staff