Reaching Underserved Communities

Improving Access to Care in Underserved Urban and Rural Communities

Underserved communities are experiencing a shortage of primary care physicians

Physicians and their ability to care for our families play an essential role in maintaining good health and treating the sick in every community. But in medically underserved communities, too many people don’t get the ongoing care they need. Some wait to see a physician until their condition becomes unbearable – and more expensive to treat – or worse.

Educational debt for graduating physicians is at historic highs

Unfortunately, physicians in primary care, which includes the lowest-paid of medical specialties, now face the prospect of spending most of their careers digging out from educational debt.
Physician loan forgiveness helps both the community and the physician.
With loan forgiveness, the physician gets help paying down educational debt and the community gets a physician they can depend upon, someone who will be there, someone who will get to know them and their families. The physician makes a commitment to practice in the community for a minimum of 3 - 4 years. Most stay much longer.

MMAF: a track record of collaboration, service and success

MMAF, in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Health - Office of Rural Health and Primary Care, is improving access to care in underserved communities through Physician Loan Forgiveness programs. Today, four physicians who received loan forgiveness from MMAF and completed their obligation periods are still working where they began.

Initiative for Access – Urban Physician Loan Forgiveness is improving access to health care in underserved urban communities, too.
 Initiative for Access, with the support of HealthPartners, UCare, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation, Hennepin Health Foundation, the foundations of the Twin Cities Medical Society and others, has helped two primary care physicians address their educational debt. They too have their fulfilled commitments, yet both stay and continue their practice in the communities where they started.

You make it happen

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