Phillips Neighborhood Clinic

About the Clinic: The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (PNC) in Minneapolis, MN is a multidisciplinary, student-run, healthcare clinic associated with the University of Minnesota. The clinic serves traditionally underserved communities in South Minneapolis; and, provides free access to quality healthcare services including physical exams, pediatric well checks, medication therapy management, a dispensing pharmacy, nutrition services, physical therapy services, mental health services, law consultation, and specialty night services.

Physician Preceptor Volunteer Opportunities at the Clinic: Enthusiastic medical preceptors are critical to the success of the PNC. Preceptors work with a team of students from the University of Minnesota’s Medical School as well as students from the schools of Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health and Social Services. These students coordinate and follow every aspect of the patient’s care in the clinic. The medical preceptor’s role in the patient visit is to provide medical guidance and teaching to the student medical staff throughout the history, physical exam, assessment, and plan of each patient. Preceptors are also responsible for reviewing and signing the notes written by the healthcare team in the EMR (EPIC), writing prescriptions, and signing the patient’s visit summary to ensure that all orders were completed and reviewed.

Volunteer Commitment: A medical preceptor’s volunteer time commitment is up to the individual; on average, most preceptors decide to volunteer about once monthly. Some preceptors volunteer weekly and others once a semester. Residents volunteering through their residency program often volunteer 1-2 times weekly for a month-long rotation.

Clinic Location: The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic is located at 2742 - 15th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55407

Clinic Hours: The clinic is open from 6:00 pm–9:00 pm on Monday and Thursday evenings, with medical preceptors staying until approximately 10:00pm.

To Volunteer: Preceptors must complete the application form (unless employed by the UMP) and provide proof of all required materials and licensing, including liability insurance that covers the PNC. Both attending physicians and residents in Minnesota are eligible to apply.

If you are interested in volunteering with the PNC as a medical preceptor, or to arrange a visit to visit the clinic and discuss the opportunity, please e-mail Jason Sakizadeh, Medical Preceptor Coordinator, Phillips Neighborhood Clinic.