POLST Communications

polst-web.gifThe Provider Orders For Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form is a standardized medical order that can give patients with advanced serious illness the option to exercise increased control over the care they receive at the end of life.  The POLST form identifies what types of medical treatment a patient wishes to receive at the end of life, and helps to ensure those wishes are conveyed to emergency services and other medical providers.  The standardized POLST form is used and recognized by hospital systems, long term care facilities, medical professionals, and emergency services throughout Minnesota.  

The POLST form is one part of advance c are planning, and does not replace a Health Care Directive. The POLST form should reflect a patient’s known wishes, and should change if the patient’s wishes change.  Unlike a Health Care Directive, a POLST form must be signed by a licensed provider to be valid.

The Minnesota Medical Association first developed a standardized POLST form in 2010, which was widely adopted across Minnesota.  The Minnesota POLST form was revised in 2017 and is now available for use.  Previous versions of the Minnesota POLST form remain valid.  Please review the “POLST FAQ 2017” below to better understand the new POLST form.

For more information please contact MMA staff Janet Silversmith (612) 362-3763.