Policy Council Convenes for First Time in St. Paul

[MMA News Now, May 1, 2014] The MMA’s new Policy Council met for the first time on April 26 to establish processes for the group and begin initial discussions about issues on which to focus.

MMA President-elect Don Jacobs, M.D., led the Policy Council in discussion at its first meeting April 26.

At the 2013 MMA Annual Meeting, the House of Delegates voted to form the Council, which is intended to provide a representative mechanism and simplified process for obtaining broad member input, feedback and ideas on critical health policy issues facing Minnesota physicians. Recommendations of the Policy Council will be submitted to the MMA Board of Trustees for consideration.

The Council is made up of 40 members, none of whom can be MMA committee chairs or MMA Board of Trustees members at the time of their appointment to the Policy Council. Thirty-one members were appointed by component medical societies; five members were appointed by the MMA board from non-staffed component medical societies or from among at-large members (i.e., members for whom there is no component medical society); three were appointed from MMA Sections; and one is the MMA president-elect, Don Jacobs, M.D.

Visit the MMA website for a list of Council members and to learn more about the Council.

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