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Rochester MD Wins Foundation’s Minority Affairs Service Award

[MMA News Now, Dec. 5, 2013] Dionne Hart, M.D., received the MMA Foundation’s 2013 Minority Affairs Meritorious Service Award on Nov. 26 in Rochester.  

The ceremony, held at the grand rounds meeting of the Mayo Clinic's department of psychiatry and psychology, highlighted Hart’s work throughout her career on behalf of minority patients, students and physicians.

Juan Bowen, M.D., member of the MMA Foundation
board of directors and former chair of the MMA
Committee on Minority and Cross-Cultural Affairs,
presents the 2013 Minority Affairs Meritorious
Service Award to Dionne Hart, M.D.

Hart, a psychiatrist at the Federal Medical Center in Rochester, is the chair of the MMA’s Minority and Cross-Cultural Affairs committee and chair of the AMA's Minority Affairs Section. She is also active with the Zumbro Valley Medical Society (ZVMS) and the Minnesota Psychiatric Society.

“Dr. Hart advocates daily for the rights of those impacted by health care disparities not only at the local and state level but also nationally,” said Juan Bowen, M.D., ZVMS president, at the award ceremony.

“To empower young minority men and women, Dr. Hart regularly volunteers at local schools in Rochester and in her hometown of Chicago as a part of the Doctors Back to School program to influence minority students to choose a career in medicine,” Bowen said.
Author: Dan Hauser

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