Majority of Members Oppose Marijuana Legislation, Survey Says

[MMA News Now, March 13, 2014] A majority of MMA members oppose legalization of marijuana for medical use, according to a survey sent March 7 to more than 7,500 licensed doctors and physicians-in-training across the state. 

Nearly 46 percent of the more than 850 respondents said they want the MMA to oppose legislation. Thirty-four percent supported legislation, 9 percent favored no position and 10 percent said they didn’t know.

Forty-five percent of respondents said they favored the FDA reclassifying marijuana as a Schedule II drug. Thirty-six percent opposed this action, while 18 percent said they didn’t know. One respondent noted: “I strongly feel the FDA needs to reclassify and the federal government decriminalize before MMA takes a stand to support its use. I do not want to be put in the position of committing a potentially illegal act in caring for my patients. I feel it would put physicians in an extremely difficult position.”

Given the rate of response (11 percent), it continues to be a hot issue. Normally, a survey of this kind receives a 2 percent response rate. 

Here is a sampling of comments from the survey:

• “There is no rush to legalize medical marijuana. More scientific research may settle the issue with time. We can observe the results in the other states meanwhile.”

• “Smoking as a vehicle for any drug delivery should have stopped 100 years ago.”

• “For my patients in oncology, I would support it for any palliative situation.”

• “I feel strongly that while we should consider legalizing marijuana for medical use this bill is not the right way to do it. Just like any other drug we prescribe medical marijuana should be produced by FDA regulated companies and sold/distributed by pharmacies.”

Meanwhile, legislation that would allow marijuana use for medical purposes has stalled at the Capitol.

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