Governance Change Bylaws Adopted by HOD

[MMA News Now, Feb. 13, 2014] At the 2013 Annual Meeting, the House of Delegates (HOD) approved several changes to how it will operate in the future including: suspending its activities until 2016 while the MMA pilots new models; creating electronic elections for MMA leadership; and creating a 40-member Policy Council to consider emerging issues and recommending policy positions to the board of trustees.

As part of this process, the HOD directed the board to develop the needed bylaws amendments to reflect these changes and then distribute them to HOD attendees for a vote. A ballot was sent to the 106 delegates who attended the 2013 Annual Meeting. On Feb. 11 voting closed on these bylaws with 67 ballots cast. Of those, 54 voted that the changes reflected what the HOD had passed; 13 voted against. The bylaw amendments, therefore, were adopted.

In November 2013, the board also approved the creation of a Governance Management Task Force to review progress of the governance changes, develop annual reports to the membership and a formal report to the HOD in 2016. This task force will include five yet-to-be-named members: two will be from the board, two from the Policy Council, which meets for the first time April 26, and the current Speaker of the House, Bob Moravec, M.D., who will serve as chair.

The task force will develop measures to determine whether the governance changes increase member engagement in policy development, increase member satisfaction and increase MMA membership. This task force will meet for the first time during the second quarter.

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