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"I belong to my specialty society. Why do I need the MMA?"

When you join the MMA, you actually strengthen your specialty organizations ability to shape health care policy. MMA works closely with specialty societies on a variety of legislative and practice issues. A close tie with MMA means that the influence of MMA’s 10,000 members is working on your behalf. Recent examples of this cooperation include:

  • Working with the Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists (and other societies) to oppose complete independent practice for advanced practice registered nurses and to lobby lawmakers to ensure we maintain a physician-led, collaborative approach to care.
  • Working with the American Academy of Pediatrics to preserve newborn screening blood spots, regulating e-cigarettes and updating childhood vaccination guidelines.
  • Working with the Minnesota Psychiatric Society to prohibit prescribing authority for psychologists.
  • Working with the Minnesota Academy of Ophthalmology to pass a compounding medication bill that allowed continued office-based compounding to patients.


MMA’s work complements the efforts of your societies by taking an all-encompassing view of medicine. While the mission of specialty societies is to focus on the needs of your specialty, MMA works to make our state the best state to practice medicine by tackling issues that cross all specialties. To accomplish this goal, MMA relies on the insightful feedback from you to develop the best policy positions to support Minnesota physicians.  

For questions, or to join now, call our membership team at 612-362-3728 or e-mail us at enroll@mnmed.org. If you want more information, go to mnmed.org/mmavalue.


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What policymakers are saying



“The MMA is one of the groups that is listened to by members of the legislature.”
Rep. Paul Thissen (D), Former Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives

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