Dues and Discount Information

MMA membership is open to all licensed physicians. Physicians who join MMA, also join a local, or component medical society. Here are your membership options and dues. Click for details.

Individual Dues Categories

 Regular $545
 Individual three-year – 10% discount (paid annually) $491
 First year of practice $272
 Second year of practice $409
 Part-time (See other discounts below)
 Resident/Fellow No cost
 Medical Student No cost
 Retired No cost

Dues are based on a calendar year and members may be eligible for proration.

Other Discounts
Dues reductions and waivers may be available for physicians who are in military service, new to the state, taking leave, not practicing full time, working in the public sector, taking family or dependent care leave or who are in difficult or unique circumstances. Call 612-362-3728 to discuss your situation with our membership team.

Group Membership
Groups of five or more physicians are eligible to receive the following discounts. Click for details.

 100% Group Participation 15% discount
 90% Group Participation 10% discount


To talk with our membership team, call 612-362-3728 or 1-800-342-5662; or email enroll@mnmed.org.

IRS Information 

Local Component Medical Society Dues

Local component medical society (CMS) dues vary by society. CMS dues are added to the MMA dues. Members can choose their local component medical society based on where they live or work. Below is a map of Minnesota’s local component medical societies.



Click map to enlarge and open a printable PDF.

Physicians in areas without a component medical society are considered "at large" members unless they choose to join a society.


Call 612-362-3728 or 1-800-342-5662 to talk with our membership team who can answer your questions. Or send an email to enroll@mnmed.org.









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