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As an organization accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education (CME) activities for physicians, the Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) will comply with the Essentials Areas and Policies of the ACCME when designating category 1 credit for CME activities, either directly sponsored or jointly sponsored with non-accredited organizations. CME activities must comply with the ACCME and American Medical Association (AMA) definition of CME and with the AMA ethical opinions on gifts to physicians from industry and on ethical issues in CME. The administration of the CME program will be consistent with applicable federal and state laws and regulations and MMA policies. The CME program is administered by the MMA Committee on Accreditation and Continuing Medical Education (CACME) and its staff. 


The mission of the Minnesota Medical Association is to promote excellence in health care, ensure a healthy practice environment, and preserve the professionalism of medicine through advocacy, education, information, and leadership. The CME program is one of several that support the MMA mission. The joint sponsorship program makes CME activities available by supporting non-accredited organizations in providing educational activities that meet the quality standards necessary for designation of category 1 credit by the MMA. 

The CME mission of the MMA is to improve the delivery of health care and to help ensure a healthy practice environment and preserve the professionalism of medicine through excellence in the principles and practices of continuing medical education for physicians in Minnesota. Among the goals of the CME mission are the following:

  1. To assist physicians in improving clinical performance, efficiently adapting to a changing health care marketplace without compromising quality of care, and effectively serving in various leadership roles.
  2. To facilitate the educational activities of specialty societies and component medical societies through joint sponsorship.
  3. To help other appropriate organizations improve the effectiveness of CME activities through joint sponsorship or accreditation.
  4. To serve as the primary sponsor of CME activities that emphasize subject areas which the MMA is uniquely suited to present because of its resources and broad base of representation.


Criteria for Designation of CME Credit

To ensure compliance with the Essential Areas and Policies of the ACCME, a CME representative of the MMA Committee on Accreditation and CME (CACME), either staff or a current member of the committee, works with the conference planners to document the planning, implementation, and evaluation of each CME activity.


The MMA may refuse or terminate the credit designation process if time constraints prevent adequate participation by the MMA CME representative, or if the planners fail to meet any of these criteria:

  1. The CME activity is planned by and for practicing physicians. The planning committee must include representation from the intended physician audience. (Ideally, at least half of the target audience should be physicians.)
  2. The activity is consistent with the MMA's CME mission statement. The MMA will determine the appropriateness of joint sponsorship with a given organization. CME credit will be designated only for activities whose purpose is clearly educational.
  3. Conference planners demonstrate identification of educational needs of the intended audience and plan the educational activity accordingly.
  4. Learning objectives are communicated in advance of the activity and indicate expected learning outcomes in terms of physician performance or patient health.
  5. Planners select appropriate learning methods and qualified faculty.
  6. The activity is evaluated in terms of the participants' assessment of effectiveness in meeting identified educational needs, achievement of objectives, and potential changes in physician behavior and impact on patient care.
  7. An adequate program budget is provided.
  8. Planners comply with the MMA policies on Commercial Support of CME, Identification and Resolution of Conflict of Interest, and Honoraria and Reimbursement of Expenses.
  9. In joint sponsorship, unless by prior agreement, the MMA has no financial obligation in connection with the CME activity, and the non-accredited organization agrees to defend and indemnify the MMA against any and all liability for claims asserted against the MMA arising out of or in connection with the MMA’s joint sponsorship of the CME activity. Joint sponsorship does not imply endorsement by the MMA of the non-accredited organization.
  10. The planners comply with MMA submission deadlines and documentation requirements. Non-accredited organizations acknowledge the MMA as the accredited provider of the activity and indicate the joint sponsorship relationship in program materials.

CME Credit Designation Process

  1. As early in the planning process as possible, the MMA entity or non-accredited organization submits a notice of intent form.
  2. An MMA CME representative is assigned to work with the organization to document compliance with the ACCME criteria.
  3. The application/planning documentation form, completed and signed by the activity program director and the MMA CME representative, is submitted along with documentation materials outlined on the documentation checklist at least three weeks before the program printing deadline or 30 days before the date of the activity, whichever is earlier. Copy for all promotional material must be approved by the MMA CME department before printing.
  4. Planning documentation materials are reviewed by CACME or a member of the Subcommittee on CME Resources, and CME credit is designated or denied. Credit is designated rounded down to the nearest quarter-hour.
  5. Except in brief “save-the-date” announcements containing general information like the date, location and title, but not more specific information like faculty and objectives, appropriate accreditation and CME credit information must be included in all publicity material, whether in print or electronic format, and on the final program. The credit designation statement may not be used until after designation of CME credit.

For MMA Directly Sponsored Activities and Cosponsored Activities (MMA and Other Accredited Provider):

The Minnesota Medical Association is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

For Jointly Sponsored Activities (MMA and Non-accredited Organization):

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint sponsorship of the Minnesota Medical Association and . The Minnesota Medical Association is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Separate Credit Designation Statement for All Activities:


The MMA designates this educational activity for a maximum of ____ AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)TM. Physicians should only claim credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.

6.   To comply with the ACCME’s policies for disclosure and commercial support, the MMA provides disclosure forms for planning committee and faculty members and letters of agreement for organizations providing funding for the activity.  Prior to the activity, the MMA provides faculty disclosure information to the planners for inclusion in program handout materials and/or announcement to participants prior to the beginning of the activity..

7.   The MMA bills non-accredited organizations for the joint sponsorship administrative fee. Call for current fees. The fee is payable following designation of credit whether or not the conference takes place and whether or not physicians attend. An administrative fee may be assessed if planning is terminated before credit is designated. Fee waivers or discounts are at the discretion of the MMA. Administrative costs of MMA directly sponsored activities are billed to the individual conference project code.

8.   Within 30 days after the date of the CME activity, the activity program director submits the CME Activity Summary Report to the MMA office. The summary report includes the following information:

  1. a copy of the final announcement or brochure and program materials
  2. the total number of individuals who attended
  3. the total number of physicians who attended, including the number of credits earned by each physician
  4. the names of all persons who attended
  5. a tabulated summary of evaluation results
  6. documentation of the method used for faculty disclosure
  7. a revenue and expense statement
  8. a report on commercial support, if applicable, including documentation of acknowledgment of support

9.   CME staff and CACME review the summary evaluation and report and respond to the activity program director with comments and recommendations for future planning.

How Physicians Claim CME Credit

Physicians are responsible for maintaining their own CME records. Sponsoring organizations are not required to issue CME certificates, but may do so if they wish, based on physician attendance verification from physician learners and faculty. 

The MMA is responsible for maintaining attendance records for a minimum of six years. If a physician reports attendance at a CME activity jointly sponsored by the MMA, the MMA should be listed as the accredited provider. If a physician's report is audited, attendance can be verified from the MMA files.

Revised and approved by MMA Committee on Accreditation and CME, August 2006
Updated October 2007
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