The MMA is making sure that physicians are involved in shaping state and national reform efforts. The MMA played a key role in passing Minnesota's 2008 reform law, which has many of the same goals as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The MMA is committed to ensuring that Minnesota physicians and their patients benefit from these two reform efforts.

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Activities related to Minnesota's 2008 Health Care Reform Law


Health Care Homes Under Minnesota’s reform law, physicians and clinics can apply to become health care homes and receive care coordination payments for treating patients with complex or chronic conditions. The federal law also supports health care homes.

Health Information Technology Minnesota is a national leader in HIT with initiatives to have all prescriptions ordered electronically by 2011 and to have a statewide system of exchanging medical information by 2015. The federal government has made many resources available for physicians implementing HIT.

Insurance Reform The MMA supports the individual coverage requirement and other insurance reforms included in the federal bill.

Medicare Reform The federal reform law creates a framework for changing the way Medicare reimburses physicians by creating a value index and addressing geographic disparities.

Minnesota Safety Net Programs The federal law opens up the possibility for eliminating three state-run insurance programs. The MMA supports the early expansion of Minnesota’s Medical Assistance program.

MMA Reform Vision The MMA was a catalyst for Minnesota's reform law with its visionary Physicians' Plan for a Healthy Minnesota and other efforts.

Payment Reform Minnesota’s reform bill includes the development of baskets of care payments, a statewide pay-for-performance initiative, provider peer grouping, and care coordination payments for health care homes. The federal plan encourages accountable care oganizations and continues the PQRI initiative.

Public Health The federal law provides funds for pilots, demonstration projects and state public health programs. The MMA advocated for including the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) in Minnesota's reform law.

Quality and Transparency The federal law calls for a national quality improvement strategy. Minnesota’s law includes statewide quality measures and a provider peer grouping project that will compare providers based on cost and quality.

Reform Comments The MMA closely tracks Minnesota's reform efforts and, when appropriate, provides comments to the state government.


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