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Calling your legislator

Calling your legislator

To get a legislator phone number, call the state's switchboard at (651) 296-6013.

Remember that being a legislator is a part-time job, so try to get the number for your legislator's home district office. Calls are usually taken by a staff member on the actual legislator's behalf.  Ask to speak with the aide who handles the issue you want to comment on. If they are not available, you may also leave a message. If you speak with someone other than your legislator, write down their name and title for future reference. 

Once you get your legislator or an aide on the phone, follow these basic steps:

Identify yourself by name and the organization (if any) that you represent or the town you are calling from.

Explain why you're calling: "I am calling to support/oppose House file: HF_____, Senate file: SF_____. "

Be polite. Be concise. Follow one or two talking points to focus your message.

Ask for a written response to your phone call if you didn't get through to the legislator personally.

If the legislator requires further information, provide it as soon as possible.

Finally, thank the person who took the phone call for their time and consideration.

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