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As an MMA member, you have many opportunites to shape policy and select leaders. Learn more about the way the MMA is governed.

Governance Changes

On September 21, 2013, the MMA House of Delegates (HOD) voted to suspend activity until 2016 so that the MMA can pilot a new governance structure focused on developing additional ways to engage members. When the HOD convenes again it will meet solely to discuss whether the new governance structure is working, whether it has been “successful in increasing member engagement in policy decision-making” and whether it should be continued. The Annual Meeting will continue to take place and will now be open to all members with a strong focus on policy development.

The HOD also voted to develop a new 40-member policy council along with expanding listening sessions and policy forums that began this year. The policy council will meet at least twice a year—once at the Annual Meeting—to “discuss and recommend positions to the Board of Trustees on critical policy issues.” A majority of the council’s 40 members will be appointed by component medical societies, with additional members appointed by the Medical Student Section, the Resident and Fellow Section, and the Young Physician Section. Its chair will be appointed by the council itself. The council will select two of its members to serve as members of the MMA Board of Trustees with full voting privileges.To ensure that members and component medical societies can continue to submit new ideas for policy the House voted to allow resolutions to be submitted to the council directly from CMSs.

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MMA Governance Committee

To improve MMA Board effectiveness and to develop and cultivate future MMA physician leaders.

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MMA Governance Evaluation Work Group

The 2013 MMA House of Delegates approved a variety of changes to MMA governance processes, including the establishment of a new Policy Council. The House also directed that the MMA develop specific metrics to determine whether the various governance changes are successful in increasing member engagement in policy decision-making. Annual reports on progress will be developed, with presentation of a full report to the 2016 House of Delegates.

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MMA Policy Council

At the 2013 MMA Annual Meeting, the House of Delegates voted to form a new Policy Council, which will provide a representative mechanism and simplified process for obtaining broad member input, feedback and ideas on critical health policy issues facing Minnesota physicians. Recommendations of the Policy Council shall be submitted to the MMA Board of Trustees for consideration.

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MMA House of Delegates (Suspended until 2016)

Historically, the MMA House of Delegates developed policies and elected MMA officers, the Board of Trustees, and delegates to the AMA House of Delegates during the MMA Annual Meeting. The work of the House of Delegates was suspended at the September 2013 meeting as the MMA pilots a new governance structure. The HOD will meet again in September 2016 to determine whether the new governance structure is working.

2014 Resolution Tracker

2013 Resolution Tracker

2012 Resolution Tracker


MMA Annual Conference

MMA members are welcome to attend the MMA Annual Conference. The Annual Conference has a strong policy focus with forums on the key issues affecting physicians. It also includes the president's inauguration and an awards ceremony in which members are recognized for outstanding achievement.


MMA Officers

On September 21, 2013, the House of Delegates approved establishing a new member-wide, electronic election process to select the MMA president-elect, trustees, and members of the MMA’s AMA delegation. This will allow all members the opportunity to vote, with nominations from component medical societies, specialty societies and individuals submitted to and reviewed by the MMA Nominating Committee prior to the election. Electronic elections will begin in 2014 with new officers announced at the MMA Annual Meeting in September.

List of officers


MMA Board of Trustees

The MMA Board of Trustees manages the ongoing affairs of the MMA and makes policy decisions. Voting members of the Board of Trustees include MMA officers, and representatives from across the state, across specialties and across different practice styles. Members of the Minnesota AMA delegation are non-voting members of the board. Between meetings of the Board of Trustees, its Executive Committee meets to make decisions.

Board of Trustees members, minutes and upcoming meetings


MMA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees manages the business of the association between meetings of the board. The Executive Committee performs other duties assigned by the Board of Trustees, while being subject to their control and direction. All actions taken by the committee must be reported to and approved by the Board of Trustees no later than its next regular meeting.

Executive Committee members, minutes and upcoming meetings


MMA American Medical Association Delegation

AMA delegates and alternate delegates help develop AMA policies on national health care issues, and serve as ex officio members of the MMA Board of Trustees. Elected by the MMA membership, they attend the AMA Annual Meeting and Interim Meeting. No officer or trustee, except the president-elect, president or immediate past president, may serve as an AMA delegate or alternate delegate.

Delegates to the AMA House of Delegates


MMA Section Representatives

The MMA Medical Student Section, Resident and Fellow Section, Organized Medical Section and Young Physicians Section offer opportunities to meet your colleagues and become engaged in the MMA.

Information about sections and list of section representatives


MMA Bylaws 

Articles of incorporation and bylaws, revised February 2014.


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